Posted by: megaschwez | August 4, 2009

Copperplate tattoo

Tattoo and piercing parlour

Yeah, thass right, byatches, I’m gonna get me a tattoo at the toughest parlour in town. They so tough, they don’t be needin’ no stinkin ass fancy graphics. They get their momma to just write it on out with her fancy pen, dem Riesz Brothers.

She so tough, she draws real scary stuff, like spiders an webs an shit. She prolly pierce you wit her crochet needle an everythin.  Don’t you go messin wit dem Riesz Brothers, thassal I’m sayin.


  1. Nice blog…very funny! I’m American and also living in Linz and enjoyed reading your posts.

    • aw shucks, thanks! 🙂 I bet you have plenty of stories about linz/austria as well! Would love to hear ’em!

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