Posted by: megaschwez | December 4, 2010


8. Blokey surnames

Rugby playing surnames for allI don’t know much about Australian private boys’ schools, but I do know that people who have spent any time in them form a lifelong habit of call each other solely by their surnames as a sign of manliness, sporting prowess and, I guess, not being homosexual or something.

Thus, I spent a lot of time when I first moved here wondering why 100% of the Austrian population of both genders appeared to have attended one of these elite boys’ schools. Until I realised that, independent of age, class, gender, creed or social status, everyone refers to everyone else with last name first.

So, when girls here are referred to as, for example ‘Aniston’ or ‘Jolie’, I just imagine them all as tough rugby players with it emblazoned across their jersey. It makes the world a happier, butcher place.

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